Purely Ayurveda

“This 6-month class is life-changing.  I went from having over 10 hot flashes a day…to none.  I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle and I knew that I needed the support of a community and that’s what Jennifer offers.  She very lovingly takes you through the program with a light-hearted and fun spirit while sharing a wealth of information. She is a shining example of what conscious living through Ayurveda practices can produce in your life.  The ongoing support via weekly group calls keeps you in touch with a community of women on the same path.  You won’t be sorry you took this journey.”

— Renee

“This 6 month course was truly life changing for me. Before this course, I was always searching outside of myself to find peace, health, and balance. This course not only taught me how to eat healthy for my body type to feel better, have more energy, and a clear mind, but to also feel balanced emotionally in my body. What I love most is that when life happens and I get off track, I never worry anymore, as I now have the tools to reset. This course is more than a 6 month course, it is a lifelong journey both spiritually and physically. Jennifer organized this course with amazing detail and intention. From the modules, to videos, to the weekly calls, I highly recommend! Forever thankful.”

— Jen

“I can not express how much Jennifer and this program helped me heal and flourish. The holistic and supportive approach was just what I needed to provide a framework, as well as specific activities within this framework to develop my own inner healer. As a mental health practitioner, I really appreciated her compassion, flexibility and faith in her clients. I have finished the official 6-month program, but “finished” feels completely inaccurate, for as complete as this program is, it has become a way of life and supports my continued growth.”

— Michelle

Jennifer Temple has created an AWESOME step-by-step program for women like me having perimenopause/menopause issues. I’m so happy that I signed up for this program! Jennifer’s support and the community of women I belong to is INCREDIBLE! Prior to signing up, I had heard and read about Ayurveda and its holistic approach to health issues. Following the guidance of my M.D. and a different practitioner, I was getting some results but not what I had hoped. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now and after only a few months I’m sleeping through the night (without OTC or prescribed medication!) and my family notices that I’m so much happier! I love that Jennifer gives all the information needed upfront and gently guides you through. The online meetings are so important to me because I now belong to a community of women who understand, support and help each other through this challenging transition. If you’ve tried everything else and still are not getting the results you want, I would definitely recommend this (5 STAR!) program to anyone seeking help beyond Western traditional medicine. Thank you, Jennifer! I’m so grateful for your wisdom and guidance and for the beautiful program that you’ve created!

— Susan

“Thank you so much for all that you have given and taught me in the last 6/7 months. l feel for the 1st time in my life that l control my life, my now and my future. l used to worry about my health but felt l was on a fast train and l couldn’t get off and l didn’t know what to do if l ever did jump off. You really have given me a new lease in life and l am very excited to live my best life.”

— Caroline

“I have had the best experience working with Jennifer! 15 years of chronic pain gone in a matter of months! My life is so much better thanks to this beautiful program and the loving guidance provided by Jennifer. She and the program are the bright shining light that we need. I highly recommend the program”

— Renee

“The Purely Ayurveda program was like a gift from the universe. Jennifer’s multifaceted approach to self-care, with Ayurveda at its core, helped me shift my thinking about life and my relationships in ways I never imagined. The changes to my diet relieved most all symptoms of menopause and helped balance my body, mind, and spirit. Her lessons are like guideposts which I reference often. I’m grateful for Jennifer, her beautiful program and the incredible group of women who inspired me on our calls each week.”

— Julie

“Jennifer, thank you for your gift of giving understanding to ones self. I always search to find a way to live a healthy, balanced and peaceful life. Jennifer Temple has helped me with her course to do just that. This course has not just taught me to eat foods that are good for my body but it also taught me things about myself. What an eye opener. Jennifer has worked very hard in putting together this course that will open up our mind, body and soul, which is what we need in our journey of life. I truly enjoyed my time spent in this program. Each of the modules, videos, quotes, and books are full of powerful information that will make a difference in your life. I recommend taking this course, it will support you through your life journey.”

— Donna

“Before starting the program I was burnt out, physically, and mentally! Jennifer’s program helped me not only balance my hormones, but my life in more ways than I ever imagined. The group calls were so inspiring and I always felt better and supported at the end of every call.”

— Natalina

“When I met Jennifer at Purely Ayurveda, my priority was to sleep again. For the last decade, I have struggled with insomnia and the draining fall out of sleep deprivation. I’ve tried different approaches, including over the counter and prescribed medications, but a true good night’s sleep was rare. I often dreaded the tossing, turning, panicky monkey minded craziness that dominated my night time routine. Meeting Jennifer and learning about an Ayurvedic approach to health and all its dimensions is like pushing a huge reset button. Not only am I sleeping again, long stretches of deep sleep, I feel an overall energetic lift, emotionally and physically. Through mindfulness (yes, old habits can be broken), focusing on food that my body wants and creating space in my day to be still, I’m cultivating and feeling the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. What an incredible difference, to go to bed looking forward to hours of uninterrupted sleep. And to wake up feeling restored. All within a month of following a holistic health plan designed for my mind/body type. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining Ayurveda and creating a workable, personalized plan. Her guidance and support has brought me to a brand new path of vitality and health. Thank you! “

— Ruth

“Jennifer’s expert yet gentle guidance through a life changing experience will always be a part of me. I truly appreciate the ayurvedic approach to menopause; and Jennifer’s unique 6 month program.  The course format and community was well prepared and made the learning process fluid.”

— Lisa

“This course has been very powerful in helping me on my journey to self-love and improved health while also deepening my spiritual connection and nudging me to awaken to my innate creative abilities.  Jennifer is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and brings a very safe and loving presence to the live calls. An unexpected gift on these live calls was the unconditional love and support felt from all the members of the group. I have gained many tools that I now use on a daily basis to balance my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. The support of Jennifer’s course in establishing and maintaining a regular meditation practice has been invaluable for me as it is helping me discover so much about myself and to have much more patience and compassion for myself and others.  Perhaps the biggest lesson for me was allowing myself to discover my worth and to prioritize myself for the first time in my life.  Thank you for this beautiful journey!”

— Charissa

“This course was wonderful!  Jennifer has put so much love and thoughtfulness in creating this program, in addition to wisdom and expertise. Our group support call helped to keep us all on track and inspired. We had some really great discussions and formed a really nice bond.  I am looking forward to staying connected with everyone.”

— Simonne

“If you’re looking for a supportive, practical, comprehensive health reboot program then I cannot recommend Jen’s program enough. I had been looking for peri-menopause support for years and tried various approaches, but found it tough to harmonize all of the information. In Jen’s program, we learned to integrate Ayurvedic wisdom into practical, step-by-step lifestyle changes. Within the first couple of weeks, I began to feel much better (bye-bye hot flashes!) and it was amazing to discover such a simple but profoundly impactful new way of living. The focus on mindset and meditation was especially powerful for me, and I know that reducing stress and rooting out negative beliefs will be key to my health long term. I’m so grateful that I found Jen’s program at just the right time. It has given me confidence that I know how to heal myself and stay healthy!”

— Lori

I started my journey and healthy lifestyle with Jennifer 6 months ago. I always knew that I had to make some changes but wasn’t sure how or what needed to be done. With Jennifer’s knowledge and guidance, and experience I know and feel that I am finally on my path to a healthy lifestyle. There were many ups , downs, struggles, blocks to overcome, there still are. However, I now have the tools and understanding of how to read my body, love and embrace the circadian rhythm, the seasons, weather, the food I eat, the love I give to my body and more that I am still learning. I now have a peace and contentment that understands that this is who I am and meant to be. I couldn’t have done this without Jennifer and feel blessed that our paths have crossed. It was meant to be. Thank you for helping me.

— Monica

“It has been my absolute pleasure and honor to have worked with Jennifer and her program. Jennifer is an amazing woman with so much knowledge and insight into the human network of being. She brought her own experiences, along with the teachings of Ayurveda, to inspire and encourage the greatness that life has to offer each one of us. She is the calm place in the middle of our storms. She’s the beacon of light that shines an awareness of our lives through education, practical applications, along with emotional, physical, and mental support. This journey was best traveled with her as my guide. Her passion to help others find their best way in life, is truly her gift that keeps on giving. You will not regret this experience, nor will you leave it feeling the same way you entered…as this is the truth for me”

— Shannon

“Jennifer Temple is an awesome practitioner and an awesome person. I literally had a life-changing experience with taking this Ayurveda course. Jennifer is full of wisdom and approaches everyone with truth and kindness. I cannot recommend Purely Ayurveda enough!!”

— Lara

Jennifer has the capacity to make you feel instantly at ease as she gently guides you towards balance and health. Deeply compassionate and incredibly skilled in the Ayurvedic traditions and beyond, I hold Jennifer entirely responsible for my increased energy and ability to sleep through the night, something that has been missing for as long as I can remember.  With her caring and accepting nature I also feel I am shedding some of the stories and judgements I have held about my relationship with food, and shifting into a healthier connection with my body, what an incredible gift!

— Sarah

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