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“I am so glad I listened to my body and sought help with an Ayurvedic consultation to address my body/mind imbalances. Finding Jennifer was a breath of fresh air at a very dark time. I was completely overwhelmed, my nervous system had been in survival mode for far too long and I was experiencing physical discomfort and symptoms that Western doctors were recommending intrusive procedures for. Within 8 weeks of consulting with Jennifer regularly and following her weekly ‘prescriptions’ of homework, I began shifting my body and mind back to balance. Just in time, as the COVID-19 pandemic exploded I now have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to practice self care, compassion and maintaining balance in a very chaotic world. Jennifer guided me with gentle grace and professionalism despite our geographic distance. I strongly recommend the investment in an Ayurvedic consultation at the very least, to address your mental and physical health concerns. If you are curious about it, your body is craving it, so listen, investigate and act!”

— Sonja

“Jennifer is a healer with Ayurvedic knowledge and a clear desire to assist you on a path of restoring balance to your whole being. Her recommendations for changes in my diet and exercise patterns have led to weight loss and increased energy. The daily practice of meditation is opening my heart and mind to receive new life giving energy and release the old patterns that have kept me stuck. I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking to make positive changes in their life, including weight loss. “

— Jill

“When I met Jennifer at Purely Ayurveda, my priority was to sleep again. For the last decade, I have struggled with insomnia and the draining fall out of sleep deprivation. I’ve tried different approaches, including over the counter and prescribed medications, but a true good night’s sleep was rare. I often dreaded the tossing, turning, panicky monkey minded craziness that dominated my night time routine. Meeting Jennifer and learning about an Ayurvedic approach to health and all its dimensions is like pushing a huge reset button. Not only am I sleeping again, long stretches of deep sleep, I feel an overall energetic lift, emotionally and physically. Through mindfulness (yes, old habits can be broken), focusing on food that my body wants and creating space in my day to be still, I’m cultivating and feeling the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. What an incredible difference, to go to bed looking forward to hours of uninterrupted sleep. And to wake up feeling restored. All within a month of following a holistic health plan designed for my mind/body type. Jennifer is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining Ayurveda and creating a workable, personalized plan. Her guidance and support has brought me to a brand new path of vitality and health. Thank you! “

— Ruth

I had been searching for a holistic approach to my health and mind-body-spirit well-being and stumbled onto Ayurveda through the wonderful Jennifer Temple.  What an amazing find!  Jennifer is grounded and calm, intuitive and wise, and exudes love and compassion.  I had four sessions with her: enough to be amazed at her spot-on assessment of me and my health, and to be inspired to increase my knowledge and practice of Ayurveda.  I am forever grateful.

— Leanne

“The sessions that I shared with Jennifer were always informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking. She carries an energy that is calming, attentive and supportive. I felt heard, and I felt that her insights about me were clearly stated and “right on”.  I learned a lot about my life style, my thinking style and I was given options to think about alternative ways of looking at how I conduct myself within each day. I have taken to heart many of her suggestions, and my energy is cleaner, burns brighter, my thoughts are less scattered and I feel so clean !!!…thank you, Jennifer…I appreciate your skills and I am very grateful to have walked this new walk with you.”

— Gayle

Jennifer has the capacity to make you feel instantly at ease as she gently guides you towards balance and health. Deeply compassionate and incredibly skilled in the Ayurvedic traditions and beyond, I hold Jennifer entirely responsible for my increased energy and ability to sleep through the night, something that has been missing for as long as I can remember.  With her caring and accepting nature I also feel I am shedding some of the stories and judgements I have held about my relationship with food, and shifting into a healthier connection with my body, what an incredible gift!

— Sarah

The recommendations Jennifer gave me are super easy, sustainable and impactful. They have really helped me stay focused on my studies and keep me on track for what awaits in the future. I am truly grateful for your kindness and all your knowledge.  Ayurveda is life! 

— Christine

Working with Jennifer was one of the best investments I have made in myself. Initially I was looking for ways to heal my gut (Bloating, pain, rashes) and acne but I got so much more than that. Jennifer was calm and compassionate and her work was an expression of that. She introduced me to some big changes but made them manageable with results I could feel and see. One of my biggest takeaways – prioritizing sleep. A good nights sleep made everything easier and helped reduce the issues in my gut. I now feel more positive, light and free from all the negativity I was holding onto. I don’t even recognize the person I started as during our first session. Plus, I have no more gut issues and my acne has gone down tremendously.

— Alycia

Jen’s skill, compassion and intuition have been a gift! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Caroline

When I first came to Jennifer, I felt depleted and defeated. I’ve always eaten well, practiced and taught yoga, but something had gone awry. My periods had gotten heavier and heavier, and I experienced long wakeful stretches every night. Also, I’d developed a nerve pain doctors couldn’t explain, and a heightened sense of anxiety. During our first meeting, Jennifer was gentle and reassuring. She listened to my pulse and suggested a few adjustments to my diet and daily routine. Within a month, I began to feel better. And then, as I continued to consult with Jen, I gradually added a little more into my daily routine, and over time I felt more grounded and nourished. Prior to seeing Jennifer, I’d tried dozens of supplements and alternative therapies. Jennifer helped tailor the practices and herbal remedies to suit my particular needs. I am deeply grateful to Jennifer for guiding me along the Ayurvedic path!

— Traci

The combination of personal experience and deep knowledge makes Jennifer an excellent practitioner. Her level temperament and gentle way is a pleasure to work with, and her own commitment to Ayurvedic principles really inspires change!

— Tina

In our sessions, Jennifer has shared with me ways to support honest, graceful living from the place where I am. These simple rituals allow me to check in with myself each day and slowly but continually shed ways of being that are less helpful to that goal. I am grateful for the Ayurvedic wisdom she carries with her. It has helped me gain perspective of the perceived enormity of changes I think I ‘should’ implement, while learning more about what is sustainable and true for me. This is a gentle path, and Jennifer’s kindness and passion for these principles makes it a lovely one to travel.

— Heather