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Jennifer has the capacity to make you feel instantly at ease as she gently guides you towards balance and health. Deeply compassionate and incredibly skilled in the Ayurvedic traditions and beyond, I hold Jennifer entirely responsible for my increased energy and ability to sleep through the night, something that has been missing for as long as I can remember.  With her caring and accepting nature I also feel I am shedding some of the stories and judgements I have held about my relationship with food, and shifting into a healthier connection with my body, what an incredible gift!

— Sarah

Jen’s skill, compassion and intuition have been a gift! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Caroline

I have been a logger for over 25 years.  After years of hard labour and wear and tear on my body the pain in my joints became unbearable. After seeing a conventional doctor I was told that arthritis in my hips was inevitable. When I heard of Ayurveda I decided to give it a try and not give in to the conventional diagnosis.  Jennifer turned my life around; ridding me of the joint pain and crippling walking I was undergoing by having me follow a traditional Ayurvedic diet for my body type.  This tailored diet along with some additional lifestyle adjustments reduced the inflammation that was the root cause of my ailments. If you follow Jennifer’s recommendations you will notice amazing changes in your body.

— Jeff

When I first came to Jennifer, I felt depleted and defeated. I’ve always eaten well, practiced and taught yoga, but something had gone awry. My periods had gotten heavier and heavier, and I experienced long wakeful stretches every night. Also, I’d developed a nerve pain doctors couldn’t explain, and a heightened sense of anxiety. During our first meeting, Jennifer was gentle and reassuring. She listened to my pulse and suggested a few adjustments to my diet and daily routine. Within a month, I began to feel better. And then, as I continued to consult with Jen, I gradually added a little more into my daily routine, and over time I felt more grounded and nourished. Prior to seeing Jennifer, I’d tried dozens of supplements and alternative therapies. Jennifer helped tailor the practices and herbal remedies to suit my particular needs. I am deeply grateful to Jennifer for guiding me along the Ayurvedic path!

— Traci

I was instantly welcomed into a safe and nurturing environment. Jennifer’s boundless understanding of patients, and compassion, as well as her sincere intention to create balance, guides you on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Spending time with Jennifer is a genuinely beautiful experience!

— Brad

The combination of personal experience and deep knowledge makes Jennifer an excellent practitioner. Her level temperament and gentle way is a pleasure to work with, and her own commitment to Ayurvedic principles really inspires change!

— Tina

In our sessions, Jennifer has shared with me ways to support honest, graceful living from the place where I am. These simple rituals allow me to check in with myself each day and slowly but continually shed ways of being that are less helpful to that goal. I am grateful for the Ayurvedic wisdom she carries with her. It has helped me gain perspective of the perceived enormity of changes I think I ‘should’ implement, while learning more about what is sustainable and true for me. This is a gentle path, and Jennifer’s kindness and passion for these principles makes it a lovely one to travel.

— Heather